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On September 19, 2013
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Animoto is the best and easiest online video creation tool with the help of artificial intelligent helping you to create professional videos using photos and music.

Best Animoto Promo Code 2013
Looking for good Animoto Promo Code? Well, I think I have a better solution for you. Simply click this link below and you can get the best price for Animoto. The trick is to buy in bulk. The longer your plan is, the more money you’ll save in long term.

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Here are how much you can save buying Animoto using the link above

  • $30 per year for Plus Package.
  • $219 per year for Pro Package (Including 14 exclusive styles for Pro users, 2000+ music tracks and HD video format).

There are a lot of new styles and music tracks coming in the future, so I think that you should grab your chance now to save your money. Who knows when Animoto will change their minds and, simply, increase the price?

It will save you up to 50% off your regular price, and you can still enjoy every feature that people who pay for the full price have. Before going to a detailed review to make sure that Animoto is the suitable choice for you, I want to give you 2 quick tips to save money with Animoto, even without the Animoto promo code

First, use the trial package. Despite the fact that it only allows 30 seconds video, it’s a good way to learn about Animoto and what it actually is. Some people misunderstand and think that Animoto can make a professional movie like Iron Man 3 or so. It’s not.

To be honest, it’s the best online video maker that blows lives into photos with special effects without touching anything. Add photos, choose your favorite style (video template), pick your song and click a button. That’s all to have a professional video right away for you.

Second, after you have tried the package and love what Animoto brings, opt for annual plan. Take Plus subscription for example. The monthly fee is $5, but annual price drops to $25. It means that you save over $35. A good deal for such an useful tool to capture and produce family videos from photos.

In short, go for trial package, if you really love Animoto, buy annual subscription. That will save you even more than using Animoto promo code 2013.

Well, I may have talking for too long, let’s get to a detailed review about Animoto and learn if it is a right choice for your needs.

Animoto – Is It Really Good As Your Expectations?

Animoto is founded in 2003 by 3 people who have been participating in music industry for over 15 years. They feel the need of a good software that can turns photos and songs into a professional videos, that family can make home videos easier.

As you probably know, there are a lot of professional softwares, but they are complicated and they aren’t made for regular users. Beside, learning to use these softwares properly is a challenge for any people.

They gathered together to build a software that

  • Easy to use.
  • Produce high quality and professional video.
  • Allow people to use it every where.

And Animoto was born.

What makes it different from other music software is that it has a special artificial intelligence that can analyzes your photos, feel the song you choose and produce the video like it is shooting for a music video.

At first, I didn’t believe it. However, after a few tries, this online music maker amazes me with the end results. Photos coming out just like what the song is expressing. For example, it pops out smoothly with love songs, or appears immediately when rock songs are chosen. It also feels the beat of your song making the video amazing.

Of course, words alone can’t pursue you to believe me, so you can take Animoto for a trial period and see what I really mean.

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Animoto Promo Code – Save Your Money Using Animoto

The reason why people are looking for Animoto promo code is because there is an option to put these discount codes at checkout page, right?

Let me tell you this, Animoto, itself, is a good investment for you, even without the promo codes.

The typical video maker costs around $50 and up to thousands of dollars, but you have to do it yourself. From choosing photos, choosing where to put photos, create the effect for each photo… Lots of work to do, and believe me, it’s a complicated task you don’t want to burry yourself into.

For Animoto, it has done the hard work for you and it’s as easy as one two three. You can even choose 1 month plan, which is only $5, much cheaper solution for your family.

Sometimes, when I showed my videos (generated by Animoto) to friends, they just say “Wow, how could you do that” or “It would costs lots of time”. In fact, I only spend a few minutes and the rest is done by Animoto.

I wouldn’t advocate for Animoto, but these numbers from Wikipedia will speak for the software, itself.

  • 4 million registered users.
  • 1 million videos generated each month.
  • More than 1 millions download for the free app on iTunes.

The numbers keep increasing every day, which means more people are satisfied with the software.

If you really love Animoto and want to take it right now even without the Animoto Promo Code, I suggest checking this link below and get Animoto at the best price (remember my story about annual subscription can save half of your purchase?)

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Animoto is the best and easiest online video creation tool with the help of artificial intelligent helping you to create professional videos using photos and music.

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